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Nudie Jeans Women - ‘Forever in blue jeans’

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Nudie Jeans Women - ‘Forever in blue jeans’ - INHABIT - Exclusive Stockist of Nudie Jeans

Neil Diamond was certainly onto something with his 1979 single, ‘Forever in blue jeans.’ Nudie Jeans has taken the sentiment of that old classic and reinterpreted it - literally. Your pair of sustainable, fair trade, ethically manufactured, slow fashion and 100% organic cotton denim jeans are going to last you a very long time - perhaps your entire lifetime! Originally a men's brand, the Nudie Jeans Women collection took to the streets (with attitude) in 2018 and every year new designs are being added. 

That being said, Nudie Jeans are also unisex; it is a matter of fit, not gender. But the curated collection of Nudie Jeans streetwear for women has a unique (selv)edge and a fit that is stylish, comfy and eco-friendly. 

Nudiee Jeans Women's collection

And then there is the craftsmanship and artisanal interplay of the manufacturing process and the finished product that makes each Nudie Jeans collection - for men and women -  ‘accidental art’. That alone is worth investing in.

As Neil Diamond said about the song: ‘The simple things are really the important things.’

So let’s shine the spotlight on the Nudie Jeans Women ‘playlist:’

‘Feeling blue’

According to Wikipedia, 81% of women are planning their next jeans purchase to be some shade of blue. That makes Nudie Jeans at - the exclusive stockists in South Africa - the obvious online space to shop for your next pair. 

The Nudie Jeans Women collection includes denim jackets, tees, sweaters, shorts and jeans. But if baby wants to make her blue jeans talk, then there are currently three styles in stock at that will make that happen: 

Nudie Jeans Women  Breezy Britt blue jeans
  • Breezy Britt - You cannot go wrong with a regular tapered fit that is both comfortable and flattering. If you want to explore your dark side, then a pair of the Breezy Britt Rinsed Malibu - in pure indigo - needs to make it into your cart. The clear diagonal twill lines and the natural puckering give a rich vintage vibe. If, however, you prefer the lighter side of life, then a pair of Breezy Britt Favorite Blues belongs in your wardrobe. Manufactured from 80% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 20% organic cotton, these jeans have been washed down to a misty greyish-blue hue. Love a mid-tone original blue denim? Then a pair of Breezy Britt Friendly Blue is calling to you. 
  • Clean Eileen Gentle Fade - These organic super-cute high-waisted regular fit jeans, with a wide leg, will have strangers on the street talking and asking where you got your jeans from. Spread the word and introduce the world to the Nudie Jeans Women collection. It’s a nod to ‘The sisterhood of travelling pants.’
  • Hightop Tilde Blue Fantasy - These on-trend, high-waist, tight-fit jeans are made from super-stretch organic denim and have been gently pre-washed to a simple and smooth mid-blue hue for a comfortable and flattering fit.
Nudie Jeans Women High Top Tilde

    ‘(Wo)men in black’

    The Nudie Jeans Women collection of denims is based on the classics but with the female body in mind - from slim to curvy. And then we just added a little black magic to the mix - black jeans that stay black. 

    • Hightop Tilde Everblack - If you are looking for a pair of pitch-black fade-resistant jeans then a super-stretch fit will take you places - be that the office, a shopping spree, the movies or a night on the town.  
    Nudie Jeans Women Tees and Jackets

      ‘Shades of grey’

      Step aside ‘50 shades of grey’  because the Nudie Jeans Women Collection only needs one iconic shade of grey - the Hightop Tilde Night Spirit. Speaking of a night on the town, you cannot leave home without a pair of these Hightop Tildes that have been washed to a dark grey tone with mid-grey highlights and pitch-black shadows at seams. 

      ‘Beyond the (blue) jeans’

      Of course, the Nudie Jeans’ reputation may be built on denim wear with a commitment to environmental and social sustainability and transparent production, but it doesn’t stop there. The collection for women has expanded and includes Frida organic shorts (in black and blue), the Bettina and Elin denim jackets, the best selling Lisa cropped Tee (in black or off white), the Tina crew neck tee (in red chilli) and a range of hoodies and sweatshirts. 

      Nudie Jeans Women

      If you want to make your jeans talk sustainability, then your conscious consumer journey into slow fashion begins at - a progressive online space and the exclusive South African stockist of Nudie Jeans. 

      Become an Inhabitant - with 15% off your first purchase - and shop our Nudie Jeans Women collection today. 

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