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As proud Exclusive Stockists of Nudie Jeans in South Africa, we at INHABIT Conscious Clothing feel its our duty to educate consumers about the brand. Read the Bio below and if your intrigued for more, check out the their book "START YOU OWN F*CKING BRAND" available on our webstore. 


Nudie Jeans is based on an idea. This idea is in turn composed of several concepts, beliefs, and a good portion of old fashioned fighting spirit. The pursuit of doing the opposite was one of the main reasons the brand got started, although not an end in itself. It was rather the passion for dry denim that pointed the brand in that direction. The raw, untreated fabric had at the time been falling into oblivion, and it wasn't sought after by the public.

Nudie Jeans’ environmental philosophy was present even before the first collection was designed. Back then, organic cotton had been around for a while, but more or less as a fly-by. The demand for these fabrics was on the decrease. The supply followed. Yet another opportunity to do the opposite. Driven by conviction and determination, the process for an all-organic denim brand took off. The share of sustainable materials increased over the years, and since 2012 all Nudie Jeans denim is made with 100% organic cotton.

In contrast to organic cotton, conventional cotton accounts for 25% of the global use of artificial pesticides but covers only 3% of the farmland. Obtaining one kilo of conventional cotton takes the same amount of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and biocides. This quantity can’t be considered as ”lagom”. It’s not ”just the right amount”. 

Get the balance right

Lagom is a Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’. It’s our version of Yin and Yang.

The most environmentally friendly would be if we all went naked, cultivated our own food, and asked our gut for advice instead of a Silicon Valley-based oracle. Our environmental policy doesn’t reach that far. We still make jeans. It’s our passion. But we made the choice to manufacture our product in a fair and ethical way. An opportunity every company is given, but too few take. 

Our jeans are not designed to be used a few times and then thrown away. We cherish the well-worn and mended. Jeans that become a part of ourselves when worn a long time – a second skin. A pair of dry denim jeans is the materialized version of our values: No extra treatment or washes. Made with 100% organic cotton. 

Add the concept of wear and break-in (six months of daily use without laundering) and our promise of free repairs. Combine it with used denim going back into the loop as second-hand jeans or raw material for new products. All this equals a smarter way to consume, and also an environmentally sustainable product. 

We work only with suppliers that share our values. Together with Fair Wear Foundation we ensure safe and ethical working conditions across the whole line of production. It’s our way to get as close to ”just the right amount” as possible. A little more ”lagom”. 

A way to get the balance right.