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Tretorn Shoes: Bringing back the preppy 80s summer sneaker!

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tretorn shoes & sneakers


‘Tretorn shoes,’ to any counterculture consumer who rocked Nylites in the 80s, these sneaker silhouettes will conjure up nostalgia of the good old days.  Kicking back in a pair of all white Nylite’s, out on a picnic, with ‘I just died in your arms tonight’ by Cutting Crew playing faintly on a stereo. Those were the days, my friend. 

We hope you kept heads turning in spring with your chic sustainable wardrobe! But as we get into summer, it’s time to re-create some preppy cool 80s looks with’s Tretorn sneaker collection. 

Did preppy go out of style? We think not

The reason why ‘Tretorn shoes from the 80s’ is one of the most searched topics on Google is that the sneakers are stylish, functional and have unmatched durability – built to last/ slow fashion. Tretorn’s evolvement has responded to consumer trends, making it possible for the brand’s sneakers to be a relevant product from one generation to the next and proving they weren’t just a trend for the 80s. 

But it’s since 2016 that Tretorn has championed the sustainability cause, by using recycled and unconventional plant-based products as well as ocean nets in the manufacturing process. Purchasing a pair of Tretorn’s is more than just for the love of the good old brand; it is playing your part in reducing the plastic crisis on land and in oceans.

Tretorn sneakers or shoes

‘Preppin’ the unprecedented Twenties 

We are sure generation X enjoyed fond memories with their ‘Nylites’ but it’s now the turn of millennials and GenZ’ers to bring back Tretorn’s preppy classic sneaker culture. Worn by Bjorn Borg & Martina Navratilova on the Tennis courts, these sneakers became the cult classics by the 1980’s. In 2017 Andre 3000(Outkast) collaborated in range of Nylite’s that brought preppy back into the spotlight of streetwear.  Where to next for the Nylite in the unprecedented 2020’s?

South African millennials are trending towards thoughtful purchases that aid in reducing one’s eco and carbon footprint, and in so opting for sustainable choices when shopping for clothes and fashion. With all the hype and over production of sneakers today, why not stand out by being different, go understated conscious style with minimalist scandinavian design, go Tretorn!


Tretorn sneakers or shoes

Classic Tretorn sneakers stand out in a meaningful and timeless fashion but without any compromise on comfortability! The Nylite, was originally designed for Tennis in the 60s and  comes in various colours and fabrications. Its sole is made from a combination of recycled(inner) and natural rubber(outer) for sustainable reasons! The ‘Nylite Ocean Net’ has a nylon upper made from recycled ocean plastics and is also perfect for rainy summer days as it is water-resistant. What a gem!

Tretorn sneakers or shoes



What are you waiting for? Treat yourself or a loved one, to with a pair of Tretorn shoes and build on your eco-conscious wardrobe this summer. They are perfect for wearing all year round and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Visit INHABIT.Cc,  your go-to online South African shop for some sustainable streetwear fashion and the exclusive stockist of Nudie Jeans.  

Browse all our collections & become an INHABITANT today. Get that 80s look you’ve been dying for at 15% less on your first purchase if you sign up for our newsletter! 

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