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Nudie Jeans - The Naked Truth about Denim

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Nudie Jeans

In a world where most businesses are concerned about the bottom line - regardless of environmental effects, the means of production or how people within the supply chain are remunerated -Nudie Jeans has chosen to be different. They are concerned about being more responsible, more transparent, more sustainable...more NAKED. Exclusively stocked at INHABIT here in South Africa, Nudie Jeans is an environmentally friendly denim brand founded in Sweden in 2001.

More than just a business

The history of denim is notoriously known for being manufactured in the least sustainable way - from material sourcing to production. Nudie Jeans has flipped this script and become an industry leader, ensuring production transparency and eco-friendly responsibility throughout its supply chain. (In 2020, the total material usage for Nudie Jeans was made up of 94% organic cotton; fairtrade, recycled, or reused). 

Nudie Jeans

Embracing the concept of slow fashion, Nudie Jeans - being both socially and environmentally friendly - is certainly a non-conventional denim brand. It is no surprise then, that for eight consecutive years, it has been ranked as the leader in the Fair Wear Foundation-Brand Performance check report. 

A responsible and ethical philosophy makes up the essence of Nudie Jeans.. The organic cotton used in production is certified by either the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the Organic Content Standard (OCS), or the US Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic). When sourced from India, it is through Chetna Organic, making it both Fairtrade and GOTS certified.

The naked truth is this: it doesn’t get more sustainable than Nudie Jeans Co. 

The brand is committed to extending its fibre portfolio to more pre- and post-recycled consumer materials as well as other sustainable material options. 

‘As a person, you often have moral boundaries where you refrain from things even if you are allowed to do them. I have never understood why there is so much lack of that mechanism in our industry. Because what this means is plain and simple responsibility. For the products, you put out there and the consequences it creates.’  - Joakim Levin, CEO & Co-Founder of Nudie Jeans Co.

More than just a jean

As a brand that embraces inclusivity, every pair of dry, selvedge and washed denims are both gender-neutral and ageless! A Nudie jean tells your story over years and years. This is not a fast-fashion product! 

From the moment you buy Nudie denims and take them home, your jeans are cared for with the exclusive Nudie Jeans offer of free lifetime after-wear repairs. Just take your jeans to any Nudie Jeans outlet, no matter where you and jeans may be travelling. (If there is no outlet near you, simply order a free repair kit). 

Nudie Jeans

Way more than just a pair of jeans, each pair is an embodiment of your life story in denim threads; a timeless reminder of all the memories experienced wearing them over the years.

More than just a customer

Nudie Jeans is serving a growing community of socially conscious denim lovers who are intentionally combating ongoing environmental problems through their online and in-store purchases and considered consumer choices. For customers across the world who value ethically produced slow fashion, a pair of Nudie Jeans is a no-brainer! It ticks all the boxes - environment-friendliness, sustainability, transparent production and fair trade - and that is why consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a brand that cares for the planet.

Nudie Jeans

More than just an online platform

INHABIT’s online platform is the home for ethical streetwear showcasing a curated collection of conscious clothing brands whose manufacturing ethos focuses on quality, functionality, durability & sustainability. If you are looking to fill your eco-wardrobe with ethically made denims to last you a lifetime, Nudie Jeans is the perfect brand for you. is the exclusive stockist in South Africa with free shipping on all Nudie Jeans orders.

Find your perfect fit. Order a pair today and start your Nudie Jeans journey.

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