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Gritty Jackson Dry Onyx Selvage

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The last gem, is a 15 oz., black selvage made by Italian denim mill, Candiani. At 15 oz., this denim is tightly woven from ring-spun warp and weft yarns, with nicely balanced yarn slub and yarn twist. This gives the fabric character in its raw stage, and it develops extremely satisfying highs and lows with washing.

The latter is made evident as the weft β€” the yarn system visible on the inside β€” is dyed in indanthrene black sulfur dye, a sulfur dye that does not fade from wearing or washing- "stayblack". The warp, however, is dyed in regular sulfur, but only the surface yarns, which makes the black fade faster than normal.

So what you get is a pair of fast fading black selvage jeans, which β€” thanks to that indanthrene-dyed weft β€” renders high contrasting fades. We have treated these jeans to a rinse to increase the surface texture and give them a dull black tone.

Even though they fade faster, we recommend at least six months of wear before the first wash to avoid bad-wash effects. You may wash both early and frequently but make sure to use a gentle cycle with a low spin and remove the jeans promptly once the cycle is done.

15 oz. rigid Italian Selvage denim
Regular fit
Straight leg